Did the 'The Choice' Rip Off 'The Voice?'

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Is NBC's The Voice really going to have this much of an impact on the rest of reality television?

Since the success of the singing reality show on NBC it looks as though FOX is going to copy the concept of The Voice but rather than music, the show will be based on love.

FOX's new dating reality show will be called The Choice.

via People:

"Four celebrities ... blind auditions ... spinning chairs ... but ... it's not what you think," said a promo (above) that aired Wednesday during American Idol.

The format, in which people question and choose their dates without being able to see them, recalls The Dating Game, which began in the 1960s. The difference here is that celebrities will be the bachelors and bachelorettes doing the questioning.

Of course, right?! Does it sound familiar to The Voice... anyone?!

The show is set to be hosted by Cat Deeley.

The Choice will starts June 7 on FOX.


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