Did Charlie Sheen Threaten to Shoot a Former Associate?

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A former “associate” of actor Charlie Sheen’s claims the actor threatened his life!

The man filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department on October 18, claiming that Charlie Sheen threatened to shoot him with a Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun.

The unidentified man admitted that he and Charlie had a falling out recently. He started fearing for his life after reading a text message Sheen had sent to their mutual friend. It read, “I’ll blow his head off with my Super 90.”

Charlie’s former pal obviously took the threat seriously!

Police are currently investigating the incident and plan to question the “Anger Management” actor.

A source close to Charlie Sheen insists, “The accuser is a dishonorably discharged military person with multiple probation violations who is trying to shake him down for money.”

The crazy gun threat comes on the heels of reports that Sheen is doing drugs and paying for escorts again.

One source revealed, “For at least the last eight months or so Charlie has been having a quarter to half an ounce of cocaine delivered to him every single day and was spending nearly $2,000 a day on drugs. Sometimes he’d even get two to three quarters of cocaine in one day.”


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