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Did Cameron Diaz Hit on Robert Pattinson?

It wasn’t too long ago that Robert Pattinson was cheated on by his now girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. According to a solved blind gossip item, Cameron Diaz felt bad for him and decided to make him feel better in her very own special little way. Crazy Days and Nights reported the following,

This A list all movie actress all the time took matters into her own hands so to speak when this A list all movie actor with A++ name recognition showed up at the same party. She felt bad about the way he has been treated lately so she sat down next to him and while whispering in his ear, gave him a few squeezes in his nether regions to let him know that she was available whenever he wanted and that she would make him forget all about _________. She has been a totally different person over the past year. She was also feeling really good at this party.

No word if Pattinson took Diaz up on his offer or if Stewart found out about it. Hitting on someone is one thing, but grabbing his private parts? Really. That just reeks of desperation. Is Cameron Diaz that desperate?

What do you think about Cameron hitting on Rob??


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