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Did Britney Spears Not Sing 'Scream & Shout?'

First we find out that Tulisa is claiming she wrote the words to Will.I.Am and Britney’s global smash hit Scream & Shout, now it’s been claimed that Spears didn’t even sing on the track. Recall the mp3s! It’s like Milli Vanilli all over again. Is anything real? We just don’t know which multi-millionaire music moguls we can trust anymore.

The claims about this already dubious track were made on US telly by rapper Eve (of Let Me Blow Ya Mind fame). Speaking about the BritBrit’s vocals on the track, Eve snarked:

“I heard that might not be Britney. That’s what I heard. But, you know I don’t know. It could be Britney, but I heard it wasn’t. I don’t know though, I don’t know.”

So who does know? We want answers not questions.

Probably the best way to decide whether it’s really Britney or not would be to listen to the song. But who wants to do that? Especially if Tulisa is telling the truth and she really is the uncredited co-writer of lyrics such as "When you hear this in the club, you'd better turn this shit up."

Because that lyric doesn’t make sense, does it ladies & gentlemen? Because if you’re hearing a song in a club it’s because a DJ is playing it. And DJs, on the whole, don’t permit club goers to operate the volume control. They’re quite picky about other people turning their "shit" up.

In conclusion: everyone is awful.


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