Did Ben Flajnik Re-Propose to Courtney Robertson?

Chris Harrison may call this season of The Bachelor with Ben Flajnik “the most dramatic season yet”  but it may become (if it hasn’t already) the most annoying season yet.

With rumors of Ben proposing to the least liked bachelorette in history, Courtney Robertson being 99.9999% true – we have heard he cheated on her, she really doesn’ t love him and of course, they are no longer together.

On After the Final Rose, Ben reportedly denied he cheated on Courtney with a string of women, and claimed the girls on the recently published pictures were just friends. Meanwhile, Courtney being photographed trying on wedding dresses was said to be done on purpose to shift her focus after Ben’s alleged cheating was revealed.

Ben was said to have dumped Courtney in February causing Courtney to feel abandoned and even staying in her bed all day crying. Robertson is reportedly having a hard time trusting Ben.

Ben claimed he and Courtney have “been able to talk” in the last couple of weeks. Rumor has it - Ben would re-propose to her and present her with a new engagement ring, to which she once again said “yes.”

What are your thoughts on this season?  Have you had enough.  We will be live blogging tomorrow night during both the final episode and After the Rose – so be sure to come back!!


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