Did 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Cheat on Fiance Jef Holm?

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So much for happily ever after?  The Bachelorette Emily Maynard cheated on her fiance Jef Holm according to US Magazine.

The headline of the magazine claims Emily was caught cheating and Jef confronted her with evidence of her affair. Of course to add to the drama, Emily fled their family vacation in tears.

This sounds more like a romance novel than anything. How did Jef catch her? The magazine claims Jef went through Emily’s cell phone and found some racy text messages — that weren’t from him.

Meanwhile, the magazine claims this all happened on Sunday, the same day that Emily tweeted,

“The happiest I’ve ever been in my life with my two favorite people in the world. I love you to the moon @jefholm !”

And today Maynard tweeted a video for Jef saying, ‘bringing him to the dark side.’ Get your minds out of the gutter – it was a cat video.

Do you believe US Magazine or is it a slow news day?


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