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Did Angelina Jolie Demand that Brad Pitt go to Rehab?

Brad Pitt has walked out on Angelina Jolie and canceled their wedding plans!” declares the National Enquirer.


According to the magazine, “Sources say Hollywood’s most glamorous couple have been butting heads over Brad’s drug and drinking issues, Angie’s fears that he’ll cheat on her and her verbal abuse of their beloved children.”

Wow, that’s a LOT of nonsense crammed into one sentence!

The Enquirer says Pitt “finally snapped” when Jolie “insisted that he go to rehab to conquer his demons.”

“Even though Brad denies up and down that he’s still using drugs, Angie is convinced that he’s secretly abusing pot and possibly other drugs behind her back,” a so-called “source” reveals to the Enquirer. “She’s also turned off by his excessive drinking.”

It all allegedly came to a head earlier this month when Pitt “stormed out of their French chateau” after an argument, claims the Enquirer “source.”

The tabloid’s source explains, “They’d been quarreling over wedding plans when Angie said she wouldn’t walk down the aisle until Brad went to rehab. She said his drinking and drug use is a deal breaker.”

Um… what drug use?

Well, after the alleged spat with Jolie, Pitt made his appearance at a screening of the anti-drug war documentary he produced, The House I Live In.

The Enquirer uses Pitt’s open acknowledgment there (and elsewhere) of his PAST “drug days” as a jumping off point for speculation about current abuse — even though there’s absolutely no evidence.

Not satisfied merely suggesting that Brad Pitt is a reckless, active drug addict, the Enquirer also wants its readers to believe that he is giving Jolie reason to fear he’ll cheat.

How, exactly?

By appearing in those Chanel ads.

“Angie’s worried that future Chanel ads will pair Brad with young, sexy model types and he’ll be tempted to stray,” explains the Enquirer source.


It’s almost as though the magazine saw that Pitt was in the news this week for The House I Live In and Chanel and decided to patch together a completely absurd story about addiction and cheating.

Meanwhile, Jolie herself is supposedly flying into “violent rages” that have left the couple’s children “frightened and in tears.”

Boy, the Enquirer is throwing so much against the wall this week, it’s kind of surprising it didn’t mention Jolie’s alleged deadly liver damage from hepatitis C, the subject of a particularly disgusting and wrong cover story from the mag last month.

Regardless, this week’s Enquirer “insider” claims Pitt is “telling friends he won’t go to rehab and that Angie simply needs to work through her insecurity issues. For now their relationship is in tatters.”

While that may be the case in the alternate universe the tabloid seems to report on, it’s simply not true back in reality.

A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop that Jolie and Pitt are “completely happy” and calls the story about an argument over rehab “more tabloid nonsense” and “offensive.”


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