Did Angelina Jolie Admit to Cheating on Brad Pitt?


Did you know that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are attending pre-marital counseling? Yeah, either did I. Somehow I don't see either of them being the counseling type. Oh, I am sure Angelina Jolie has sat in front of her share of doctors over time, but pre-marital counseling? I don't think so.

But, should you think they are in such counseling then The Enquirer wants you to know that Brad Pitt stormed out of it when Angelina admitted she had cheated on him multiple times with many guys and met them in hotel rooms. They don't actually come out and say she had sex with them, just met them in hotel rooms. So, they could have been there to talk about a movie, show her the latest line of syringes, new kinds of heroin hitting the market, the advantages of a starvation lifestyle or so much more.

So, now Brad has called off the wedding and is presumably calling Jennifer Aniston as we speak and is begging her for another chance and telling her they should have a baby. As soon as he tells her those words she gets pregnant.


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