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Diane Sawyer is Considering Leaving ABC News

Anchor of ABC World News and former “Good Morning America” host Diane Sawyer is contemplating leaving the network later this year because of concerns about her mother’s health as well as a personal, private matter.

“She has discussed with a few close friends and some people at ABC that she is seriously considering retiring,” says an insider. “She said she’ll be ready to hang it up not long down the road. She loves work and what she does and has endless energy, but she’s overwhelmed with personal problems and she is thinking about leaving to take care of her family.”

The highly-decorated anchor has had a sparkling career and she will leave behind quite a legacy if the does decide to lay her notepad aside for good later this year. Sawyer has interviewed some of the biggest names in politics and entertainment, including Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Whitney Houston, Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples, and President Obama.

Sawyer, 67, was in the headlines back in November after she appeared sleepy and out of it during an Election Night telecast, prompting many to question whether she was sober at the time. Sawyer has worked at ABC for almost 25 years and has ingratiated herself to her colleagues with both her reporting chops and her personal demeanor.

“No one wants to see her going through a rough time,” says an anonymous source. “She’s the nicest woman. If it’s a co-worker’s birthday, she’ll throw a party. Anything to show everyone a good time.”

A rep for ABC refuted the report, saying “That’s a bunch of nonsense as we made clear and Diane’s plans for 2013 haven’t changed in any way.”

Source: (NY Daily News)


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