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Dexter Spin-Off Likely, Rumors Include Harrison or Young Dexter Prequel

Those who were sad to see Showtime’s Dexter end may have their hopes renewed, given Showtime entertainment’s president David Nevins indication that there may be a spin-off.

“We spend a lot of time talking about how we keep the show alive,” Nevins said, “so it may be a more complicated original idea than just a spinoff.”

While Nevins admitted that there is an undeveloped and complex idea in the works, Showtime is hardly ready to present it to fans.

He added that Dexter is an important franchise for Showtime, comparing it to the Batman of Warner Bros. and the Spider-Man of Sony.

Additionally, Dexter producer Scott Buick signed a two-year contract with Showtime for an unspecified project. While Nevins did not address the nature of the project, he announced that viewers could “draw [their] own conclusions”.

Fans have speculated on the theme of a potential spin-off, including a version that follows Debra Morgan, Dexter’s girlfriend Hannah, or the fate of Dexter’s son Harrison.

However, a prequel featuring a young Dexter learning “the code” from his stepfather seems to be the fan favorite.

A Marvel comic based on the original books series is currently in stores for fans left unsatisfied by the series finale.

Sources: The Inquisitir, The Out Housers


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