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Dexter Season 8: Two New Promos "Unmask" Dexter and Deb

For eight seasons, Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall, has been able to keep up the facade of who he wants people to know him as. Dexter wants his friends and family to think he is a seemingly normal, blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro PD and a father and widowed husband. However, after last season, where Dexter's sister Deb, played by Jennifer Carpenter, saw him for the first time as a sociopathic, serial killer, he may not be able to keep it going.

In a new promo for season eight, Dexter wonders if he himself is able to keep up the charade. The promo ends with him strapped to his table in plastic with an eerie smile, just like his victims.

"How many more people have to suffer to keep my identity a secret?" Dexter says in the promo. "Can this charade go on forever, or will I finally hit a dead end?"

The second promo for season eight focuses on Deb.

"I tried to protect her, but instead I ruined her," Dexter narrates. "Who is Deb now: a killer, or just an innocent victim of my mistakes? She can live with my dark secret, but can she live with her own?"

Dexter premieres on June 30 on Showtime.


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