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Dexter Season 8 Trailer: All Points Lead To The End

Last season, everything changed for Dexter, when his sister, Deb, had to make the choice to either kill him or Lieutenant Maria Laguerta. Deb memorably made the choice to kill LaGuerta, changing everything for her and Dexter.

This season, marked to be the last for the vigilante killer, we will see the evolution of Dexter and Deb and find out how the show will go out.

In the newest trailer for Dexter Season 8, it shows Dexter through years facing off with his biggest enemies and dealing with his heaviest situations. We see Dexter's first kill, the Trinity Killer, him killing his brother and Deb killing LaGuerta.

Dexter Season 8 will welcome guest stars Yvonne Strahovski, Bethany Joy Lenz, Rhys Coiro, Charlotte Rampling, Nick Gomez, and Sean Patrick Flanery.

The show will return June 30 on Showtime. 


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