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Dexter Season 8: New Trailer Debuts and Who is Joining the Cast

Executives at Showtime have been mum about whether the eighth season of Dexter will be the last, but producers are moving forward as if it is. Fans were left reeling after the season 7 finale where Jennifer Carpenter's character, Dexter's sister Deb, killed Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta.

This season, Dexter will return in June, a major change from its past returns in September. In typical Dexter fashion, however, the series is welcoming guest stars including One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Lenz, Last Resort's Darri Ingolfsson, Walking Dead's Nick Gomez, Boondock Saint's Sean Patrick Flanery, and Charlotte Rampling.

Lenz will play Cassie, "an attractive former finance executive looking for a quieter life" who moves in next door to Dexter and Ingolfsson will play an antique dealer of old medieval equipment who starts dating Cassie. Flanery will play "the ex-cop owner of a private investigation company in Miami" and Rampling will star as "neuro-psychiatrist who specializes in working with young psychopaths and profiling criminals in unorthodox ways."

Today a new trailer for the serial killer series debuted. The trailer, of course, offers up no clues about the upcoming season and simply shows how deadly Dexter can be if you cross him.


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