Dexter Season 8: First Full Length Trailer Debuts and It Doesn't Look Good For Dexter

The first full length trailer for season eight of Dexter has arrived and it doesn't look good for everyone's favorite serial killer.

Dexter's season seven finale, where Deb killed Lt. LaGuerta, catapulted the show into a frenzy; this season picks up six months after LaGuerta's death. In the trailer, we see Deb falling into a deep depression accompanied with alcohol and drug use and promiscuous sex. She is also arrested for a DUI.

As Dexter tries to help his sister, she falls deeper and deeper into her depression and at one point enters the police station drunk announcing, "I have an official statement to make," while Dexter looks at her throught the window.

On top of having to deal with Deb, Dexter has to keep Dr. Vogel, the psychiatrist that helped create Harry's code, in his sights.

"[She is] the last person I need looking in my direction right now" Dexter says in the trailer.

The final season of Dexter is sure to be one filled with a lot of twists and turns and plenty of killing. Just who will be killed and Dexter's fate remain to be seen.

Dexter premieres Sunday, June 30 on Showtime.


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