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Porn Star Devon James: I Gave Birth to Tiger Woods' Love Child

Yesterday, the British tabloids all were reporting on Tiger Woods' secret love child. The only downside was they were not naming the mother. I think it was being saved for the actual airing of the documentary where the story first surfaced. No need to watch it now, though. The mother has come out. Devon James says she is the mother of Tiger's secret love child. Yes, the same Devon James who is a porn star. Yes, the same Devon James who had her first sexual encounter with Tiger when he hired her and a girlfriend for a threesome. "Mommy, how was I conceived?" Well, your daddy paid me and another woman $2,000 to have sex with him. He didn't use protection and here you are."

Tiger was unaware he had a child until a couple of years ago. Devon gave birth back in 2001. This is where I start doubting her story. Oh, I firmly believe that, with as much unprotected sex that Tiger had, that someone somewhere must have got pregnant. But, I also think that if Devon really thought this child was Tiger's, that she would have gone after him for child support. This is a billionaire. She makes porno flicks. There has been non DNA test.


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