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"Despicable Me" Movie: Light and Fun for Parents and Kids

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momlogic's Julie: "Despicable Me" (rated PG for rude humor and mild action) is a really great family flick. Steve Carell (LOVE him!) plays Gru -- a supervillain who plans to steal the moon. But along the way, he must destroy his rival Vector, and ends up adopting three ADORABLE orphans from Miss Hattie's Home for Girls in a ploy to defeat him.

But can Gru go from super bad to super dad? Seeing the super-villain spearhead tea parties and attend dance recitals was really too cute for words -- and reminds you how much parenthood changes us all.

My kids, age 6 and 9, LOVED this movie and said they want to go see it again. And although I'm not a fan of many kids' movies (Pixar excluded), this one warmed my heart and was actually enjoyable to watch. (I couldn't get enough of those cute yellow Minions, and Gru's childhood flashbacks added depth to his character and had me laughing out loud.)

Some movies I've seen in 3-D seemed like they would be almost better in 2-D ... but not this one. I especially enjoyed the rollercoaster ride. And be sure to stick around for the end credits -- the 3-D effects during that are not to be missed!

The voice acting was great -- the movie features heavy-hitters like Carell, Jason Segel, Julie Andrews, teen queen Miranda Cosgrove (of iCarly fame), and 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer. And Kristen Wiig's Miss Hattie was the character I most loved to hate.

I highly recommend "Despicable Me" ... it's light, fun fare that both parents and kids can enjoy.


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