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Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly Back Together?

Derek Jeter can't quit Minka Kelly and her spectacular vagina, which is no doubt made of flower petals.  After splitting up in August, the two were spotted over the holidays in Paris. How cliched. From the New York Post:

The couple are staying separately in Paris, according to a spy who has seen Kelly alone and with a female friend numerous times at a central Paris hotel since [last] Wednesday. Jeter and a male friend joined Minka at the hotel yesterday. Spies said she was waiting to greet him in the lobby, in a peach-colored top and jeans, with her female friend.

"She looked really excited to see him," our source said. "They didn’t kiss romantically . . . It was more of a hello hug."

The previous day, they were spotted browsing art at Le Musée d’Orsay. According to another spy in the gift shop, "They weren’t holding hands, but they were obviously together."

Well looky here, I think the captain of the New York Yankees reads Celebslam, and who could blame him? DJ (that's what I call him) was fine and dandy after the break-up until Minka showed up as #9 on the "The Top 11 Celebrities Santa Wants to Sit on His Lap This Year" list. All of a sudden, she's hot property and Derek is just another Yankee. See? That what we do here. Celebslam turns pretty good-looking people into super duper stars. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.


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