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Denise Richards Says she and Charlie Sheen are 'Good Friends'

Denise Richards is promoting her new ABC show 'Twisted,' and has said that she is closer to ex-husband Charlie Sheen now that his third marriage has ended.

Richards, 42, said ever since he split from Brooke Mueller, they have been able to get along.

"This is awful to say, but it's true. When his third marriage started to fall apart, he and I started to become friendly," she said.

"In the last few years, things have gotten really great with us. We're very close and we're good friends, which is great because it's great for our kids. From day one, I've always wanted to keep the kids a priority and suck it up for them, but it takes two people to do that. He sees the benefit, too, that when we get along, it's good for the kids. It's not fair to them to be around parents who can't stand each other," she said.

Mueller is currently being treated for addiction at the Betty Ford Clinic. Denise is caring for Brooke and Charlie's twin sons, Bob and Max.

Sources: ICYDK


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