Denise Richards, Capri Anderson in Photo Before Sheen Meltdown

Rich Hollywood divorced couples don't live like you and me -- and this photo proves it. In a picture that may be labled "oddest image of 2010," Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards, and his porn star date, Capri Anderson, smile for the camera inside an East Side restaurant.

The photo was reportedly taken only hours before Sheen went on his latest booze-and-coke-fueled binge inside the Plaza Hotel. But seriously, who takes his escort porn star out to eat with his ex-wife? Charlie Sheen, that's who!

And who sits there and smiles for a photo with the porn star escort? Denise Richards, that's who!

And just how does that conversation go down? How does Sheen introduce Miss Anderson?

Hi honey, I'd like you to meet Capri. She'll be my escort for the evening. You go back to the Plaza with the kids. I plan on doing lines of coke and drinking inordinate amounts of alcohol before my date here is forced to call the police because she fears for her life and I start destroying our room. G'night!

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