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Latest False Internet Death Rumor: Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is alive and well, according to ex-wife Denise Richards, who was forced to state the truth after a death hoax circulated the internet the day after Christmas.

On Sunday, the “Wild Things” star tweeted “the rumor about Charlie Sheen is not true. He is alive and on his way over to see his daughters. Thank u all your concern.”

Richards and Sheen, who divorced in 2007, have two daughters together, Sam and Lola Rose.

It’s unclear where the rumors of Sheen’s demise began, but by Sunday afternoon social media websites including Twitter and Facebook left fans — and curious gawkers — wondering if the “Two And A Half Men” star had died in a snowboarding accident.

According to one report on a website called Global Associated News, Sheen lost control of his snowboard and crashed into a tree.

But thanks in part to Richards, Twitter followers eventually figured out that the actor was just fine.

“Charlie Sheen can’t be dead, as his Wikipedia page hasn’t been updated with his death date,” one user tweeted. “What more proof do you need?”


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