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Demi Moore Tweets a Shot at Ashton Kutcher on Thanksgiving

Demi Moore broke her silence on Twitter by sending out a Thanksgiving tweet to her followers.

But many fans believe that her message was directed towards Ashton Kutcher.

Demi, 49, who still goes by @mrskutcher on the social networking site, tweeted, “Why do we have only 1 day for giving thanks? Is that why so many people feel unappreciated? Make this 1 of 365 days of Thanksgiving!”

There may be no hidden message in Demi’s tweet but fans realized her tweet came just hours after her estranged husband had tweeted, “‘I’m thankful for family, friends, you, & time to reach my potential. What are you thankful for?”

Demi Moore has been keeping a low profile after announcing plans to divorce the actor. Demi and Ashton had been married for six years.


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