Is Demi Moore on


Demi Moore, at the urging of friend Jennifer Aniston, is rumored to be trying online dating sites such as

Now magazine reports that Aniston is encouraging Moore to try online dating. Apparently, Aniston also liked her experiences with online dating after her high-profile divorce from Brad Pitt. A source explained, “Jen’s done it and told Demi it really helped raise her confidence.”

But Moore may not need the site at the moment since she’s been photographed with and is rumored to be dating much younger model, Blake Corl-Baietti, who also works as a National Guardsman.

The source commented on Moore and Blake’s relationship, saying “It’s the early days but Blake’s a much more serious character than Ashton Kutcher and loves to cook for her.”

What do you think of Demi Moore trying online dating?  Can you imagine showing up and having your date be Demi Moore?


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