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Is Demi Moore Going After Ashton Kutcher's Money?

Ashton Kutcher has been caught with his proverbial hands in the cookie jar a few too many times, and soon to be ex-wife Demi Moore is out to teach the youngster a very expensive lesson.

Rumors began last year when women were ‘fessing up’ to having had a sexual relationship with the Two and a Half Men star. Even though the couple denied any problems within their relationship, the rumors persisted.

The latest woman to own up to having slept with Kutcher – Sara Leal, a 23-year-old Texan blonde – has put the final nail in the coffin of their doomed coupling.

Images of Kutcher and Leal getting intimate in a hot tub after being extremely wasted surfaced, and the little douche could no longer hide his cheating ways.

Demi filed for divorce officially last week, and according to the UK’s Daily Mail, Demi wants to take a HUGE chunk out of Ashton’s bank account.

The soon-to-be former @MrsKutcher had a prenuptial agreement drawn up when the couple married 6 years ago. She did so to protect her assets since he wasn’t as well known and loaded as her.

But apparently, she doesn’t care if she actually GETS anything outta him, so long as she can cost him a right fortune in legal fees, so he’ll learn his lesson.

Wow, hell hath no fury. Hey guys, don’t you know by now that if you cheat on us, you’ll be paying for it forEVER?

No one ever learns!


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