Demi Moore Changes Twitter Name to 'JustDemi'


It looks like Demi Moore is finally letting go of her ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher, beginning with her twitter handle, @MrsKutcher.

The former Mrs. Kutcher is still on twitter, only under a new handle, @JustDemi.

Moore and Kutcher announced the end of their marriage in November, leading many people to wonder when she would change her Twitter handle. In December, she tweeted that changing her Twitter name wasn’t “a top priority now.”

After a stint in rehab, the actress reached out to her 5 million ++ followers for suggestions for a new handle.

She tweeted,

“So hard finding a name that was fun somewhat playful and available. So for now it will be @justdemi It could grow on me!”

What do you think of the new twitter handle?


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