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Demi Moore Bisexual? Open Marriage With Ashton Kutcher?

Demi Moore has announced she is ending her six year marriage to Ashton Kutcher after reports of his sexual trysts hit the headlines, but their relationship seems to be even more complex.

Sources are claiming Demi and Ashton had an “open marriage” and that the 49-year-old actress also likes the ladies!

An insider close to the couple revealed, “Demi is attracted to women just as much as men, so she didn’t always get all she needed from Ashton.”

The source also touched on Demi and Ashton’s marital arrangement, stating, “Everyone in Hollywood knows about their arrangement, but they’ve managed to keep it a secret from the general public.

“She was cool with Ashton having flirtatious relationships too. Somehow they made it work all these years. Both of them were respectful of each other. It was a lot of fun for them.”

But after Ashton’s sexual affairs hit the headlines, suddenly things weren’t quite so peachy in their romance.

Ashton’s first mistress that came forward with her fling with the actor in September 2010 claimed the actor said he had an “open marriage” with Demi.

But Brittney Jones’ claims were silenced after Kutcher’s lawyer said she was lying.  Brittney said yesterday, “Although divorce is often sad I do feel somewhat vindicated.

“For so long people have thought that I was dishonest or just making up my passionate nights with Ashton, when in fact I was being used.”

Brittney, 21, said she had sex with Ashton on his couch while Demi was out of town. She revealed that Ashton and Demi share lovers, but Demi was mad in this instance because she wasn’t around to participate.

“He said they share women, but he isn’t supposed to go off and sleep with women on his own,” she said. “He said Demi had to be there and that Demi likes to pick the girls out.”

Brittney also said that Ashton having sex with other women was a regular thing.

“Ashton said he and Demi have an open relationship and have threesomes often,” she said. “I didn’t feel at all like he had just cheated on his wife. It felt normal and OK.”

The second young lady that came forward was Sara Leal, who sold her story about having sex with Ashton on his sixth wedding anniversary with Demi.

Leal gave all the grimy details of their evening, even claiming that they had unprotected sex.

Sara claimed the actor told her he was separated from Demi before he tried to talk her into having a threesome along with her best friend Marta Borzuchowski, but later settled for just having sex with her.

Moore, who was previously married to actor Bruce Willis, started dating Kutcher in 2003. They married two years later.

Last May Demi talked about wanting to start a family with Kutcher in an interview with Elle magazine, but that never happened.

The actress has three daughters from her marriage to Bruce Willis:  Rumer, 23, Scout, 20, and Tallulah 17.


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