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Racy Demi Lovato Pic Leaked

If you didn’t get enough of Disney scandals, here’s another one for ya. Apparently, Demi Lovato had a racy photo of herself taken, where some chick is trying to show off her boobs.

Will that take your mind off of Miley’s bong scandal?

What is going on in this photo? You might recognize Demi’s backup dancer, Alex Welch, AKA the girl that Demi punched, as well as some random dude in the background making a weird face.

The photo was rumored to have been taken over the summer. Are their any Disney alumni who aren’t trying to show off body parts to get a more adult image?

There is Selena Gomez…Hopefully she won’t ruin the good thoughts that we still have about her... I hope….

And why does this feel like it’s becoming a contest to see who can leak the raciest photos?

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