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Demi Lovato Sex Tape to Leak Soon?

Demi Lovato has been a busy, busy girl! She just had some racy photos leaked and now, we’re hearing reports that she has filmed a sex tape that’s going to leak soon. Oh Disney, you slay me.

Demi has been busy rehabbing herself, after knocking Alex Welch’s lights out, allegedly. Demi was apparently a fan of filming herself doing her sexual exploits and reportedly, a videotape proving that is going to leak soon.

A source said, “Demi always kicked people off her tour bus so she could bring random dudes on board and get nasty with them. She was no stranger to filming her sexual exploits.

A tape will surface soon. No one really cared about what she did or how she acted. It was truly sad to watch. She tried to act more adult by using foul language and showing her friends how rebellious she was, but she was so rude, everyone just made fun of her.”

A snitch close to the situation said that Demi’s uncle, Francisco Lovato, was her chaperone during a concert in August an refused to allow anyone on the bus, claiming that she was “busy”. Wow, Disney never disappoints. I’d bet they’d be even bigger if they just started cultivating these stars for lives of smut.

I’m sure men would rather see Demi walking around half naked, rather than listen to her sing. It’d probably be more profitable for her, as well.


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