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Demi Lovato Settles With Backup Dancer She Punched

Disney starlet Demi Lovato has settled a claim from dancer Alex Welch, according to reports.

Demi was accused of punching Alex in the face, causing a black eye and other injuries.

Demi has reached a financial settlement with Alex, in which she’ll receive money, but the amount has not been released.

Alex’s attorney, Donald Karpel, said, “The parties are satisfied and the dispute has been resolved amicably and completely.”

TMZ reports:

As we previously reported, Lovato decked Welch with such force that the backup dancer had visible bruising on her left eye and cheek.

Lovato went to a treatment center shortly after the incident and claimed she felt “awful” about her behavior.

I have to wonder how much a black eye scored her in the settlement talks? What do you think she got?


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