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Is Demi Lovato Back in Rehab?

Demi Lovato is back in rehab after lapsing into the party lifestyle with alcohol and drugs and also self-harming. Thankfully she is at Passages in Malibu where she is being treated for alcohol addiction and also cocaine Blind Gossip learned from her friends.

They had posted a 'blind' item that directly spoke to her as they were aware that she and her friends read the blinds. Since their post on January 19th, Demi's last tweet states:

A rep for Demi has not released any statements confirming or denying she is back in rehab. We wish her the best and if she is in need of help she gets it.


Gossip Cop is saying her rep reached out to them exclusively with the following statement:

“It is a crock of s–t,” a rep for Lovato exclusively tells Gossip Cop.

I'm glad if that's the truth, but is that not a strange statement for a rep to make? Maybe unprofessional is a better word. Anyways we wish nothing but the best for Demi.


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