Decapitations, Eviscerations, Amputations ... Relax, It's Only a Game

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Decapitations. Eviscerations. Amputations. And more blood than an Eli Roth movie, Bloodforge, Climax and Microsoft Studios for the XBLA, is a brutal and visceral game due out soon that puts you in the role of Crom, a seasoned warrior who has since retired from battle. But when the cruelty of the gods brings him back into the role of the warrior, Crom is now driven by one thing and one thing alone - vengeance.

As Crom, the player sets out to avenge the death of his family by destroying every single vestige of the enemies that are responsible for their loss. Along the way, Crom will receive various gifts from several dieties that will aide in his quest. Many of these he will need as the types of enemies he will face will range from huge, lumbering monsters to deranged warriors living off the blood of the enemies. XBLA fans, be on the look out for this one. Bloodforge looks to be one hell of a great game… if not at least a bloody quest for mature gamers.


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