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Tori Spelling's Husband's Catheter Gets Stuck... So He Tweets About It

Let me just say for the record that as much as I love each of you, I think I would not actually be blogging if a catheter was stuck inside me and was not able to be removed. Just would not happen. Somehow though despite all this, Dean McDermott decided he wanted to share what he was going through. Honestly, I just don't think it was this bad.

"OMG !!!!! My catheter is stuck and won't come out. I'm waiting for the Doctor to get here and give it a try. Gotta be honest, I'm scared !!"

Seriously? A catheter is stuck and you decide the best thing to do is let the world know? "Umm, excuse me doctor, this hurts like hell and I'm scared so would you hand me my phone so I can Tweet this." Talk about wanting some attention.

He followed up later saying that it got stuck on something on its way out and he has some damage.

"I had the worst night. Catheter cut me up coming out. Unbelievable pain. I got a fever of 104 and was throwing up. Fun, WOW !!!"

I didn't realize that kind of damage would result in puking. If that happened to me I would probably just have them knock me out with pain pills and tell me when everything was better.


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