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How Much Did Michael Jackson's Glove Fetch at Auction?

I tend to stay away from these stories. I am on complete burnout when it comes to any sort of Michael Jackson coverage. Not that I am not fan of MJ. I am just not a fan of overkill for anything.

This story got me going though. Julien’s Auctions did their ‘Icons & Idols’ auction this weekend and I was a little surprised by how much people spent on this crap.

OK, I wasn’t surprised. This is typical. ”True” fans with deep pockets will pay anything to feel closer to the celebrity they adore, even if they are dead.

At this morbid auction, a single glove worn by MJ during the “Bad” tour in the late 1980s sold for $330,000. WTF?! Seriously? Then one of his fedora caps went for $72,000. Somebody needs a charity to focus their funds on!

MJ wasn’t the only highlight, though. An X-ray of Albert Einstein’s brain went for $38,750, and a pair of Marilyn Monroe’s empty prescription bottles went for $18,750.

Really?! I am pretty sure you could get some empty bottles just like that at Walgreens for a lot less... I’m just sayin'...

Photos: WENN, Julien’s Auctions


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