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Lindsay Lohan Scuffle Gets Betty Ford Staffer Fired

The whole she said/she said involving Lindsay Lohan and the Betty Ford Clinic staffer Dawn Holland ended with Holland being fired.

BUT – not because Lindsay Lohan wanted her to be fired, even though she was, but because Holland spoke with TMZ and broke confidentiality rules with the clinic.

As we reported earlier, Lohan and two rehab buddies hit the town on the night of December 12th, allegedly going to a bar. Holland says they snuck out to go get hammered.

The women returned to the Betty Ford Clinic, and, according to Holland, were drunk. Holland says that Lohan and her roommates tried sneaking back into the clinic after their night out by climbing a fence, but security caught them and that’s supposedly when Lindsay freaked out. Holland was then asked to have Lindsay submit to a drug/ alcohol test and Lindsay refused, even becoming violent. One of the girls Lindsay was with admitted to being drunk. Both the other women complied with a breathalyzer test but Lohan did not.

Instead, Lindsay refused, pushing Dawn, and calling her a C— B—–. Lindsay then called 911. As Holland went to speak with 911 on another house phone, Lindsay came at her, ripping the phone out of her hand, and twisting her wrist, injuring her. Holland says she could smell alcohol on Lindsay’s breath during the confrontation. Holland claims she never touched Lindsay, but Lindsay is saying otherwise.

See the video of Holland talking with TMZ about the incident with Lohan HERE.

Holland’s wrist was examined at an emergency room and it was found that she sustained a sprain to her hand.

In the video with TMZ, Holland is asked if Lohan has made any progress in her recovery and Holland replies: “In my personal opinion, no. The reason why is because she has been defiant and has broken every rule possible since she has been there.”

The Betty Ford Clinic has since fired Dawn Holland for speaking with TMZ about the incident.

It looks like no one wins in this situation, and it also seems as though Lindsay Lohan isn’t exactly improving.

Lindsay is set to be released from the Betty Ford Clinic on January 3rd. I bet she can’t wait – and I bet her dealer can’t either.


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