Former Teen Idol David Cassidy Busted for DUI

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Former 70’s teen heartthrob David Cassidy is the latest celebrity to be busted for DUI.

Cassidy, 60, was pulled over after a police officer spotted him veering all over the road in his ‘08 Mercedes on Florida’s turnpike at approximately 8pm last night. After stopping, David Cassidy told the officer he had ONE glass of wine at LUNCH (ha!) and had taken a Vicodin a few hours prior to being pulled over.

As the officer conducted the field sobriety test, David swayed as he stood. He ended up blowing both a .139 and a .140 during the Breathalyzer. Police discovered a half empty bottle of Labrot Graham Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon in the back seat of Cassidy’s vehicle.

David was arrested, booked and then released at 3:22AM on a $350 bond.

One glass of wine eight hours before his arrest certainly does not equal a .140! He was wasted and you can bet it was that half bottle of bourbon. He’s lucky to be here today. The amount of celebrity DUIs never ceases to amaze me. These people will buy $25,000 watches and handbags, but won’t spring for a cab to take their drunk ass home. Unreal!


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