David Boreanaz: Porn Star is Mistress Number 3?


 We might be seeing the beginning stages of another Tiger Woods here. Bones actor David Boreanaz admitted to having an affair with an unnamed woman, then there was Rachel Uchitel, (one of Tiger Woods mistresses) being mentioned -- and now, you guessed it, we have a third mistress. Her name: Gina Rodriguez, a porn star. That's awesome -- where have we heard that one before?

As RadarOnline reports:

Boreanaz and his wife Jamie Bergman have publicly appeared together this week after the bombshell revelations of his cheating. Boreanaz admitted to an affair with an unnamed woman because he said she was trying to extort him, asking for a large sum of money. But he never publicly addressed his subsequent affair with Uchitel.

Now, RadarOnline.com has discovered that Boreanaz hooked up with Rodriguez, a 43-year-old mother-of-two, at a private house party last Easter in a house formerly owned by the Olsen twins in Encino, California. He was also with her several other times.

Another connection to Woods:

Ironically, Rodriguez, whose porn name is Demi Delia, was married to male porn star Randy Spears and she currently manages another one of Tiger’s mistresses, Joslyn James!

Way to keep it classy, guys!



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