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With Shakedown Looming, David Boreanaz Says He Cheated on Wife

I don't think it is much shock to anyone who has read any gossip for the past year, but David Boreanaz confessed yesterday to Kneepads that he has "tainted" his marriage by cheating on his wife.

What finally brought the public admission was a shakedown by one of his mistresses. She had been getting regular hush money from David, but must have wanted to buy a house or something because she hired Gloria Allred and then demanded a six-figure amount of money or she was going to talk. I say, so what. Let her talk. I mean, seriously, David, everyone in the world knows you have been cheating on your wife. Even if they didn't know about it before the Rachel Uchitel thing, they certainly have known about it since Thanksgiving, when the Tiger and Rachel and David & Derek thing broke.

Maybe David had told his wife it was just one time. You know, he got drunk, he didn't know what he was doing and she was pregnant and so he was feeling left out and blah blah blah. Basically, though, he has accused Gloria Allred of running a legal form of extortion.

"I was associated with a woman who I was involved with and had a relationship with. She asked for money. I felt as though I was being blackmailed or there was some sort of extortion."

It's funny because he makes it sound like there was just one woman. Come on, David. You better spill it all now, because it will all come out in the next few weeks.


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