David Beckham Says He Never Wanted to be Famous

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David Beckham claims “I never wanted to be famous, I only wanted to play football.”

In an interview with Men’s Healthmagazine, the 36-year-old athlete talked about the realistic way he approaches his abilties, saying

“I know what my limits are, what I can achieve and which passes I can play. So that’s been my game over the last few years: I have adapted to my age, different situations and the position that I’m playing in. I still love playing; I still love being part of a team. Right now I’m not even thinking about retiring.”

He also told the magazine that he’s still quite ambitious when it comes to sports, explaining he would like to represent the UK at this summer’s Olympics.

Beckham revealed,

“I’d like to play for a GB football team because it’s something that hasn’t happened for many, many years. Hopefully I’ll be fit, hopefully I’ll be in form and hopefully I’ll be playing.”


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