Dumb: David Arquette Back on Howard Stern Talking Sex

After saying that he should not have gone on Howard Stern and probably said too much about his relationship with Courteney Cox, David Arquette was back on Howard Stern, and revealed even more about his marriage to Courteney and who they are both dating.

As for dating, David said that after he had sex with Jasmine Waltz the first time, he cried. He didn't mention if he cried any time after that. He also says that he has moved on from Jasmine and had sex with some Australian woman he met at a party. He did not say her name, which leads me to believe he might not know her name. Ahh, she must feel treasured.

David basically confirmed that Courteney is dating her "Cougar Town" costar, and called him a cool guy. Well, it is not like he can complain, since he appears to be dating anything that walks. Oh, except for Jennifer Aniston. He says Jennifer is off limits. David also confirmed the couple did not have a pre-nup, which means David will be walking away with way more money than he came into the marriage with.


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