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David Arquette Wants J.R. Martinez to Win ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Actor David Arquette recently told Us Weekly who he wants to win 'Dancing With the Stars,' now that he has been kicked off: “I love J.R. (Martinez). He’s been so great and supportive. What a great guy.”

Arquette later took to Twitter and wrote: “I’m going (to) root for JR and (dance partner) Karina (Smirnoff) and I hope all my fans do too.”

While giving Martinez his support, Arquette told Us Weekly that he misses competing with his partner, Kym Johnson: “It’s sad. Yesterday was really letting things go and just doing it. It was really, really fun.”

“Coco will be sad, but she also knows it means I get more time with her, so that makes her happy,” Arquette said about his 7-year-old daughter.

“Taking my daughter to school, going to ice skating practice with her and sleeping! I woke up at 3:30 this morning just amped up! It’s so much high pressure and stress and I’m looking forward to a lack of anxiety on Mondays.”

As for the future, Arquette, who has been bitten by the jitterbug, says he wants to continue dancing, but will have to recuperate from his time on the dance floor.

“My knees are thrilled I was eliminated,” he tweeted Wednesday morning.


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