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David Arquette Confirms Again: Courteney Cox Marriage is Over

David Arquette already spoke about his marriage to Courteney Coxdefinitely being over, and now he talks about their relationship and his new relationship with girlfriend Christina McLarty.

Speaking to radio host Howard Stern, Arquette explained that his relationship with McLarty is “not a rebound” and when Stern asked,

“If Courtney said to you, ‘David, I made a mistake I want to work on our marriage. I want you moving back to the house, I want you to break up with that girl, I know we have to do this for our daughter,’ Would you consider it?”

Arquette replied,

“uh, I mean, no” and said that at the end of his relationship with Courtney, “she was sad, we were both sad. We both cried.”

He then commented that “I don’t know why I always end up talking about my relationships. I try not to.”

The couple may not have “officially” filed for divorce but when you have a new girlfriend – that pretty much puts the nail in the coffin.


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