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Dave Grohl’s Speech from SWSW (Video)

Former Nirvana drummer and current leader of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, delivered a lengthy keynote speech to nearly 2,500 South by Southwest Music Festival (SWSW) attendees on Thursday.

The 44-year-old star began by telling the audience of how he got to this point.

“The record store was my church; the rock stars were my saints; and their songs were my hymns,” he said.

“I realized at 13 I could start my own band, write my own songs, record my own records, book my own shows, publish my own fanzine. I could do it all myself and there was no right or wrong. It was all mine.”

After that, Grohl urged the audience to enjoy music for what it was – not for what people say it should be. Acknowledging that ‘Gangnam Style’ was one of his favorite tunes, he insisted that nobody besides the listener should determine ‘the value of a voice.’

“Who should we ask to determine the value of a voice? ‘The Voice’?,” he said, referring to the reality talent show on NBC. He then imagined the response judge Christina Aguilera would give a young Bob Dylan singing “Blowing in the Wind” on the show: “You were a little nasaly and sharp.”

“Who cares? It’s your voice,” he said. “Cherish it, respect it, nurture it, stretch it, scream it till it’s gone.”

You can check out Grohl’s entire speech in the video below.

(Kansas City Star)


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