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Dave Chappelle Waves Sign Outside 'Today' Show (Video)

Dave Chappelle made a surprise appearance outside the "Today" show this morning, which seemed very staged.

Chappelle was holding a sign plugging his Radio City Music Hall shows in New York City when "Today" show host Matt Lauer suddenly said, "There's someone banging on our window," noted TMZ (video below).

Lauer went to a commercial and returned with Chappelle outside the "Today" show studios.

"This is one of the most grassroots advertising campaigns I have ever seen," joked Lauer.

Lauer mentioned that Chappelle's first five shows sold out in five minutes, and the comedian mentioned he was doing four more shows at Radio City Music Hall.

"Are we on television right now?" Chappelle later asked Lauer, noted "This is hilarious, I had no idea this actually started, I thought this was a run-thru."

Sources: and TMZ


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