Dave Chappelle Returns To T.V.


Dave Chappelle is coming back to TV… bitches. (Sorry I had to)

The stand-up comedian is planning a return to television, but not in the conventional way.

Chappelle is looking to appear on a paid-subscription service like Netflix or Hulu, yet no deal has been made.

Chappelle made his infamous departure from his hugely popular Comedy Central show, ‘Chappelle’s Show‘ in 2005. He walked away from a $50 million contract for a pilgrimage to South Africa.

Moving to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu would allow Chappelle much more creative control than he claims he had at Comedy Central.

Recently Chappelle has been working the L.A. comedy circuit, but it may not be going so well.

“It was really depressing. He was talking about the past, about the show,” said a comedy circuit veteran who saw Chappelle’s set at The Comedy Store in L.A.

Well we will just have to see what happens for Dave and his new possible show.

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