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'The Dark Knight Rises' Six-Minute Prologue Previews in NYC

'The Dark Knight Rises' director Christopher Nolan unveiled a six-minute prologue in New York City on Monday prior to the clip’s exclusive showing at IMAX theaters beginning this weekend.

It’s the same tactic Nolan and Warner Bros. studios used with 2008’s 'The Dark Knight.'

The new prologue i introduces the film’s main villain, Bane (Tom Hardy) a musclebound thug who breathes a strength-enhancing drug through a gas mask.

In the footage shown at Lincoln Square 13 on the upper West Side, the IMAX impact really kicked in with Bane and his henchmen turning the tables on CIA agents and appearing to get something valuable back during a prisoner exchange.

Additional footage shows Anne Hathaway, as Selina Kyle, in full Catwoman costume, Bane in a long coat preparing for battle, what looks to be the bat plane, and a scene of Bane walking away with the busted cowl of Batman (Christian Bale).

Nolan said that his love of 70mm IMAX technology “recaptures that feeling from childhood of being immersed in a film. It gives me as a filmmaker a chance to be where I want to be.”


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