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Daniel Radcliffe "Wept Like a Child" When "Harry Potter" Wrapped

For Harry Potter mania, the clock’s about to strike midnight.

With the emotional final installment of the films set to be released on July 15th, we wondered how ‘the boy who lived’ is coping with the end.

According to E!, Larry King wondered too. He sat down for one last chat with Daniel Radcliffe to talk about the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

So what did the boy wizard have to say about the final hooray?

“I remember I kind of wept like a child on my last day,” Radcliffe tells King in a revealing interview set to air on July 10. “Very, very emotional.”

Radcliffe also reveals how important it was for him keep himself grounded while filming the franchise, saying it could have been anybody playing the role of Harry.

“The most important thing is for me to remember, it doesn’t matter who would have gotten this part. They would have gotten this attention,” he tells King.

“When you step out of the car at a premiere and you’re hit with that wall of noise and screaming, it’s very important for me to remember that they would be screaming for somebody else had he got the part. It’s not about me; it’s about the franchise and the character, and so that I kind of have to think about a lot just to keep it in perspective and stop myself from getting big headed.”

Rupert Grint also tells King, “It was kind of like the last day of school, and I remember packing up my dressing room and putting all these kind of odd birthday cards and toys that I’d kind of collected over the years… It was quite a big kind of shock, really, kind of, leaving it behind.”

E! is also reporting that a sneak peek at never before seen footage from the upcoming flick will air on CNN on July 10 at 8 and 11 pm ET. The special, Harry Potter: The Final Chapter will feature Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Helena Bonham Carter and Robbie Coltrane, as well as Radcliffe.

Check out a preview of the CNN special here.


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