Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson Richest UK Stars Under 30

Robert Pattinson, 24 – Edward Cullen in the three Twilight films - is the second richest UK film star under 30, with a total fortune of $50,000,000. Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe at only 21 tops the list with $70,000,000 including earnings of $10 million last year. Robert Pattinson is reportedly set to net 2.5 per cent of the next two Twilights’ takings and that could help move him to number 1.

The Sunday Times list puts Keira Knightly in third with $48 million. Keira Chaplin – grand-daughter of Charlie Chaplin – is fourth with $45 million, and Potter stars Rubert Grint and Emma Watson are tied for fifth with $37million.

Whatever the standings are now, the trajectory of Robert Pattinson’s earnings outstrip the others – his popularity as a leading man means that he is likely to earn more than all of his young British competition in the future.

Meanwhile, just for some perspective – J.K. Rowling’s wealth is estimated at over 1 billion dollars!


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