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Daniel Craig Says He "Can't Live a Normal Life Anymore"

Playing James Bond in any movie has to be pretty cool and for Daniel Craig who has done just that will tell you its not all super-cool to play the man himself.

The star of the upcoming film, Skyfall opened up in the November issue of Vanity Fair in which he covers about the down side these days to being an actor in Hollywood:

"You talk to people in the movie business who have been doing this 40 years and they all say the difference is that, back in the day, you could go and have a drink in the bar, get drunk, fall over, have a good time, relax, whatever, and no one would know about it. But now everyone's got a camera."

"Not that all I want to do is get drunk in a bar, but that's an example. So you can't live a normal life anymore. Because it will become public knowledge that you're whatever - gotten drunk in a bar or skinny-dipped on a beach or something. Things that normal people do occasionally. ... Which is sad, because I like bars."

"It's amazing how many times I've sat in interviews like this in a bar or a hotel, and it's 11 o'clock in the morning and someone sends a martini over," he chuckled in the Vanity Fair interview. "And it's like, Really? It's 11 o'clock! I'm not going to drink it."

So just remember, if you see him at a bar, don't buy him a drink... at least don't if the clock is still showing a.m..


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