Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Marry in NY


Here’s some completely out of the blue celebrity news for you: secret couple Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were married last week.

If you didn’t know these two were even an item, well, you’re not alone. They have kept their relationship extremely private since hooking up on the set of their upcoming movie, Dream House.

And their wedding was equally low-key. They were wed in New York with just four guests – Daniel’s daughter Ella (18), Rachel’s son Henry (4), and two friends to serve as witnesses.

A source explained their choice to keep it under wraps.

‘Daniel and Rachel insisted on having a small, quiet wedding. They are madly in love and couldn’t wait to be husband and wife – but they wanted minimum fuss.’

Now that I know they’re together, I’ve got to say I really like these two as a couple. Somehow, it makes sense that they’re together. Congratulations Daniel and Rachel!


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