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Dancing With the Stars: Week 4, Season 12 Recap

Last week the ballroom and Wendy Williams went their separate ways. Tonight on Dancing With The Stars we turn up the week with an all classical week.  It is going to be an evening that ballrooms are made of.  Each of the pairs will perform a waltz, a paso doble or a Viennese waltz to the live classical music.

The first couple up is Romeo and Professional Dancer, Chelsie Hightower dancing the Paso Doble.  Last week according to Len Romeo took one step backward what will happen this week.   Len,  said he should have a bit of decorum not flaunting himself and talking his shirt off.  He said the dance was full of passion, full of attack.  Great Dance!  Bruno, said it was focused and action packed.  He said he got it right!  Carrie Ann,  She said there was a little lift so she had to deduct but she said it was the first time she has seen a Paso Doble with swagger.  It was fantastic!  Scores: Carrie Ann, 7 Len, 8 Bruno, 8 Total = 23.

Kendra Wilkinson and Professional Dance Partner, Louis Van Amstel dancing The Viennese waltz.  Len, said that she is a beginner and he is not saying it was fantastic but it had flow and movement.  Bruno, said that she messed it up and she knows it – she has to become one with the music.   Carrie Ann, says she sees that she is trying hard.  Today she needs to tell her elegance is no different than sexy.  Scores: Carrie Ann, 6 Len, 6 Bruno, 6 Total = 18.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Professional Dance Partner,Anna Trebunskaya dancing The Viennese waltz. Len, said he turned into the Sugar Plum fairy.  The more he got into it the more he enjoyed it.   Bruno,  said  it had a wonderful cartoonish  Carrie Ann, said he has sparkle and there is something so charming about his dancing.  Scores:  Carrie Ann, 7 Len, 7 Bruno, 7 Total = 21.

Petra Nemcova and Professional Dancer, Dmitry Chaplin dancing the Paso Doble.  Len, said he would have liked a little more authority in the feet.  But overall he is more impressed than depressed.  Bruno,  He says she was like Carmen. He liked it and went on and on!  Carrie Ann, says she is on a roll and it was brilliant.   Scores:  Carrie Ann, 8 Len, 7 Bruno, 8 Total = 23.

Ralph Macchio and Professional Dance Partner,Karina Smirnoff dancing the Waltz.  Len, said he has been in the wilderness for two weeks but he is back!  Bruno,  said it was romantic and  totally heart felt.  Carrie Ann, said what she loves about him is when he dances he is honest.   Scores:  Carrie Ann, 8 Len, 8 Bruno, 9 Total = 25.

Hines Ward and Professional Dancer, Kym Johnson dancing the Paso Doble.  Len, said he feels he is the most determined of the celebs.  He is really doing great.  Bruno, says he really has the killer instinct.  Carrie Ann, said he was in the zone.  He had a touchdown on the Paso Doble.  Scores:  Carrie Ann, 9 Len, 8 Bruno, 8 Total = 25.

Chelsea Kane and Professional Dancer, Mark Ballas are going to dance the  The Viennese waltz.  Len, said she is a fantastic dancer so why is it there is always something I don’t like.  This is the viennese waltz it is traditional.  Overall he liked it.  Bruno, says it was magical fabulous.  It was the best dance of the night.  Carrie Ann, said she agrees with Bruno it was great!   Scores:  Carrie Ann, 9 Len, 8 Bruno, 9  Total = 26.

Chris Jericho and Professional Dance Partner, Cheryl Burke are going to dance the Paso Doble.  Len, said the dance started good but the music conquered him  Bruno, says that he got the accents in the music excellent.  Carrie Ann, said he was so connected to the music his form is great.  Scores:  Carrie Ann, 8 Len, 7 Bruno, 8  Total = 23.

Kirstie Alley and Professional Dance Partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy dancing the Waltz.  Len, says everything was okay but it needs to be improved.  Bruno, says she did amazingly well and she is light on her feet and had a fantastic performance.  Carrie Ann, says she is the queen of the unexpected mishaps her shoe came off.  But she did not miss a beat.  Seemed not to be in it.  Scores:  Carrie Ann, 7 Len, 7 Bruno, 8  Total = 22.



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