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'Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke Designs Clothing For Macy’s

Dancing With The Stars' professional Cheryl Burke is expanding her horizons and has a deal with Macy's to design an active-wear collection called 'Ideology' for the department store. By designing this collection, she is definitely appealing to the majority of women by addressing our issues when she sat down with StyleList:

"I feel like I am definitely curvy. I'm petite with hips. I've got boobs! I have an ass!" Even though she has a body that many admire, Burke admitted: "I'm insecure about fat bulging up. With exercise pants, the elastic is often too tight and you start seeing fat pop out. With these [Ideology exercise pants] everything is flat and nothing is coming over the waistband."

Amen sister! I now love Cheryl Burke and will worship her until the day I die. Slimming or not, black isn't always the way to go:

"I always wore black, because it's so slimming. Normally I would just wear black pants with a sports bra and a baggy t-shirt to work out." "If I feel fat in what I'm wearing, I'm not going to go out and go to the treadmill and start running. It's the worst feeling ever."

At this point I'm thinking she's in my head and reading my thoughts. Mind you this biatch don't run. That's the only difference, but isn't it the truth that if your clothes are too tight exercising is just the worst?

It isn't just dancing that keeps this profession in shape, she does jazzercise:

It has helped me stay in shape," she said, "I'm a dancer, obviously, but sometimes it's fun to be able to dance alone and listen to good music and work out at the same time. Doing jazzercise, I burn 600-700 calories an hour!"

Sign me up! Macy's had their Ideology launch last Wednesday night at the Dream Hotel in New York City but the brand won't be available until February, 2012.


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